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Addi Why?

Why do you disturb my sleep?

Oh Addi sometimes I feel you take my will.


I am helpless. Addi, Hell-ples, Help-less:…..HELP

My knees they are not there today, they were yesterday

You take my thoughts, my mind, my hope my tomorrow Addi


They say Addi

    Child tasted that yesterday



Baby is growing, wants more,. For the first time yesterday

Goes to university, baby vision: more amass more more



Child sees warehouse, baby  not idiolize

But baby cannot see, see a god greater than….

Willing war for



Maybe, child kill, that  one threatened his….

Cares about others, maybe not

Can see others? Why. BABY WANTS TO KNOW

What is tunnel vision, please tell

Child not want mokey off his back, loose only friend he got



Oh Addi why? Why do you do this,

Have I played you wrong Addi? Have I loved you less

Yet you treat  me with no treat Addi


You are my companion, until death do we part

You take my life blood Addi

Now you want my soul dear Addi


Addi why, whi Addi do others not call you  Addi;

They call you……Call you,

Addiction?……you’re not ADDICTION,

                                         YOU ARE WHO I AM, ADDI


Addi why? Why Addi  why?……WHY ADDICTION?




Rennon nació y vivió la mayor parte de su vida en La Ciudad de Los Angeles (California) desde hace 10 años reside en el particular barrio de Tenderloin (San Francisco) sus escritos aparecen en las Antologias Poéticas POEMS FROM THE LAND OF THE DEAD, an Anthology of Creative Writing and Visual Arts y en 5 MINUTES IN THE TENDERLOIN, an Anthology of Words and Art from the Tenderloin.



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To the sea (inédito)

Silvina Faure



I marvel at the sea for, in its vastness,

It neither takes a rest, nor sleeps.

Beneath the apparent surface of fake calmness

There is much more than what our eyes can see.


I am seized by the enchantment of the waves

When gentle rollers sweetly wash the shores,

Or when powerful breakers toss the vessels

Expressing their unrest in gusts of foam.


And there are periods of fury and agitation,

And the overhanging threat of tidal waves,

Or mild wavelets whose sole contemplation

My tired mind of somber thoughts can save.


We are swaying at the mercy of the tide.

Life has ups and downs, as the sea waves.

We are the captains in this hazardous ride

Towards the inscrutable harbour of the grave.















Nací en la provincia de Buenos Aires en el año 1967. Soy profesora de inglés y estudiante de lingüística. Al presente enseño literatura inglesa en un colegio bilingüe. Escribo desde hace muchos años, generalmente cuentos cortos y ensayos, si bien he incursionado en la poesía y la novela corta. Escribo en inglés y en castellano. Soy autodidacta, aunque he participado en algunos talleres de escritura virtuales.



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